Kids Need Chiropractic Too!

Our Clinic has been treating children since the day we opened in 1990. Below is a schedule to follow for when children should be checked for spinal problems:

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Kids Need Chiropractic Too!

The Chiropractic profession has agreed that children need the following check ups:
  • From Birth to one year old: 6 visits in the first year of life
  • From one to five years old: 2 visits per year
  • From five to high school: 3 visits per year
  • From High school to Graduation: 4 visits per year

These recommendations are based on a normal life with no injuries and are intended to pick up early detection of spinal problems that develop in the growth years. Early detection and correction is always best for optimum health.

Of course if there is an injury, seek treatment immediately to correct any problems that may arise from the accident.

In honor of our great profession we offer "Chiropractic Kids Week" the 3rd week of every month where our fees are half off for children under 18 years old. Call to get your kids on the Optimum Spinal Health Track.