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Detoxify/Purify Your Body

Are you suffering from...

JointPain? High-blood pressure? High- cholesterol?Trouble sleeping? Digestive issues? Fatigue? Asthma? Allergies? Skin Rashes?
Come to our New Years Detox & Weight Loss
Workshop and learn about the 21 Day Purification
and Weight-Management Program. This powerful
and life changing program provides the essential whole food support and herbs the body needs to purify and rebuild itself safely and naturally.

Some of the BENEFITS you may experience when successfully completing this program include improved.....

Energy, less body aches, better sleep, weight reduction, lower cholesterol, less allergies, digestion, clear thinking, immunity, elimination, less headaches, blood pressure.

And you will look and feel better than ever before!

Call our office for the current
Group Purification Detoxification workshop;
(530) 621-4803
Seating is limited!

Ever wonder what happen to all that energy, enthusiasm, happiness and health?

Diet, nutrition and lifestyle play a huge part in how we feel and behave. The right nutrition can help to alleviate aches and pains, exhaustion, sleeplessness, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, digestive issues, anxiety and depression as well as countless other health problems

In this day and age, some children already have as many health problems as an unhealthy middle age adult. The proper nutrition can help correct learning and behavioral problems, childhood obesity and general stress and anxiety, giving your child the advantage in academics and sports.

With our nutritional consulting, we will make a nutritional program tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. First, we do an analysis through symptom surveys and Nutritional Response Testing that helps identify exactly what your body needs. Next, we design a personalized health improvement program using Clinical Nutrition. All changes in diet and lifestyle can be made as slowly or as quickly as you desire. we work with you and with what changes you can tolerate. We can also teach you how to shop for healthy food, plan menus and show you how to cook in a way that will greatly impact your family's health, for the better.

Toxins in the environment are often the cause of health and allergy problems. We will educate you on non-toxic alternatives for your home and body care.